Project & Program Recovery Services

Value-Driven Offerings — A Tapestry of Interwoven Services

The Aedifos Group provides expertise and applied knowledge in the recovery of troubled projects and/or programs. From gap and risk analysis and mitigation, establishment and implementation of change control and performance metrics, through the negotiation and performance of re-baselining in accordance with accepted changes to scope and resources, to final delivery, transition, and closedown, the Aedifos Group stands ready and resourced. The Aedifos Group also provides independent assessment and evaluation teams to measure the effectiveness and quality of an organization’s program and project systems and processes.

While a certain level of scope and/or schedule variances are anticipated and planned for any project and/or program, significant disruptions and changes to the scope and/or schedule will jeopardize the successful implementation of the project and/or program. Sometimes these variances, and the environment that has led to these challenges, require recovery services.

The Aedifos Group’s members have specialized in recovery services for major programs and projects around the world, and across all our sectors. For example, when Scottish Water needed a program manager to lead and manage an integrated consultant, agency, and client team responsible for the delivery of the SR06 UID Program, a member of The Aedifos Group, was brought in and seconded into Scottish Water. The result was that Scottish Water outperformed a challenging delivery target and achieved two critical Scottish Water Corporate Delivery Plan milestones in order to meet the strict regulatory requirements of the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and the Water Industry Commission when initial forecasts projected significant challenges and obstacles