Management of Public Private Partnerships

Value-Driven Offerings — A Tapestry of Interwoven Services

The Aedifos Group has extensive experience in brokering, facilitating, and managing the complex, and often competing, interests of Public-Private Partnerships that link industry, governmental agencies, non-governmental institutions, and community-based organizations around socially impactful market opportunities.

At a time when infrastructure in both the developed and developing countries is aging and public budgets continue to shrink, efficient Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) are the preferred mechanism for pooling resources and managing risks in planning, building, and operating major infrastructure and systems projects and/or program.

Having managed major projects and/or programs in the United States, China, Southeast Asia, and South Africa, The Aedifos Group members bring a broad-based understanding and appreciation of the PPP’s institutional stakeholders’ interests, needs, and unique business culture. Aedifos specializes in the creation of bespoke financial mechanisms, governance structures and controls, and delivery systems for PPPs operating in various sectors, including global health research and development, healthcare systems, water and utilities, and clean energy.