Donor/Owner Representative

Value-Driven Offerings — A Tapestry of Interwoven Services

The Aedifos Group specializes in risk assessment, mitigation and management in programs and projects for donor /owner groups that include major foundations, government agencies, and leading businesses throughout the world. Specific services include:

  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Potential Investment / Funding
  • Evaluation & Assistance with Business Case, Master Planning, and Communications (Outreach and Affinity Management)
  • Governance & Financing Structures
  • Technical, Sector, and Market Subject Matter Expertise
  • Donor / Owner Risk Identification, Management, and Mitigation

Aedifos maintains a solid understanding of local history, business culture, and the regulatory environment for each of its Focus Regions. That knowledge allows for more meaningful assistance in building donor/owner partnerships, governance structures, and the necessary financial and operational controls, which reinforce donor confidence that projects and/or programs are in compliance, and that those investments are being used as intended.

Recently, The Aedifos Group acted as the Donor Representative for a major international foundation with high-profile interests and investment in South Africa. The Aedifos Group provided a comprehensive risk assessment and evaluation of the business case, the facility master plan, and overarching governance structure. Resulting reports supported ongoing and future investment decisions.