Brownfield Asset Repurposing and Transformation

Value-Driven Offerings — A Tapestry of Interwoven Services

The Aedifos Group provides services in the assessment and prioritization of owner needs, as well as weighing risks and identifying opportunities, in the transformation of non-performing assets and/or liabilities in to viable investments for our clients.

Past economic and population booms, and more recent dips or shifts in each, have resulted in a larger volume of under and/or un-utilized assets in the developed and developing world. These fluctuations have created a significant need in the business market for experts in the field of Brownfield Repurposing in socially and economically disadvantaged regions.

Aedifos team members gained extensive experience in both the assessment of potential repurposing and the transition of assets as a part of the British Columbia (BC) Hydro Ruskin Dam and Powerhouse Upgrade Project.

Aedifos team members were responsible for managing and performing strategic risk assessments, seismic studies, 3-D modeling of the powerhouse, managing financial performance, and developing technical solutions.