Redefining Business

We all live in the village

The Aedifos Group is an international, for-profit social enterprise dedicated to providing world-class major program and mega-project management services, related consultant and technical expertise in the fields of healthcare and health services, disaster recovery and reconstruction, as well as utilities and infrastructure. We specialize in programs and projects where the social motive should transcend the profit motive.

Although our world is incredibly interconnected, many consultant firms approach program work with a singular mindset—get in, get out, and maximize margins—with very little regard to the long-term implications of their actions on the impacted community.

At The Aedifos Group, we are redefining the business of program management through a renewed focus on bridging the gap between the interests of the impacted community and the best practice in the delivery of facilities, infrastructure, and services to those communities. We take pride in championing the strategic and operational needs of our clients and consider it our mission to serve by raising up the capabilities of villages, communities, and systems though our capacity, knowledge, and expertise.