Frequently Asked Questions

Aedifos /æ-di-fōs/

Origin : Aedifos, combines the latin Aedificans, to build, and the words pathos, logos, and ethos.

1 : (verb) to build, create, and redefine business, with empathy, reason, and integrity.

2 : (noun) Social enterprise providing world class program management and related services committed to achieving the right ends through the right means, driven by the right motive.

Our logo is a graphic representation of our name and its driving principals. The three stylized flames, representing Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, are lighting the way forward for The Aedifos Group.
We believe in social enterprise as a hybrid, temporary organization that applies the best practices of private sector industry to the delivery of work that will have significant social impacts and benefits. Simply, social enterprises are agents of change and improvement.

While a social enterprise can be structured as a for-profit or non-profit, The Aedifos Group has been structured as for-profit in order to bring the best and brightest talent of the private-sector to the work by providing market-driven salaries and benefits.

Additionally, the for-profit business model of The Aedifos Group enables us to be a viable business enterprise, independent from the decreasing number of grants and donation monies available during these difficult economic times. We are not in the business of increasing our bottom-line at the expense of the community, but instead apply a “double / triple bottom line” that values both the social impact of our work in addition to the profit that will allow us to grow and provide more services to more communities, causes, and efforts in the future.

The Aedifos Group has four tiers in our pricing model:

I. Giving Back through Volunteerism (Pro Bono Work) — The Aedifos Group encourages and supports employee volunteerism as well as corporate volunteerism. We regularly provide work and services to non-profit organizations and socially significant efforts at no cost as a way to give back to the communities we live in and the causes that inspire and motivate us.

II. Contributing through Net Zero Profit Services (At Cost Work) — The Aedifos Group believes that there are situations and efforts where we can do the most good by helping to maximize the funds available to help communities, causes, and efforts in need. As we grow, The Aedifos Group would like to expand the programs and projects we can support at cost. We want to walk our talk and believe that when the need is high and the funds are low, we can do our part by forgoing profit and working at cost.

III. Socially Responsible through Single Digit Work (Net profit less than 10%) — The Aedifos Group business model allows us to grow and thrive as a business, while keeping the majority of our work at cost with a very low single digit net profit. We believe in the double bottom line — social impact and reasonable, ethical profit.

IV. Market Rate Consultancy (Work at extremely competitive market driven rates) — The Aedifos Group is willing to lend a hand to any business or enterprise. Our people excel in program recovery and consultancy services and because we keep our overhead costs lean, we can offer the most competitive market driven rates to our commercial and industry clients.